Meet the BigBull

Mahesh Kalbhor

Founder & CEO

Founded by Mahesh Kalbhor, an emblem of visionary leadership and entrepreneurial prowess, OptionBigBull stands at the forefront of innovative financial solutions. With an illustrious career that encompasses over thirty years of technology and leadership excellence, Mahesh has been instrumental in pioneering groundbreaking product solutions across the technological landscape. His journey is adorned with significant achievements in product development, strategic program management, operations enhancement, systemic transformations, and the cultivation of enduring customer relationships.

A stalwart in the financial markets, Mahesh has carved a niche as an adept Options and Futures Trader, a seasoned Mentor, and a discerning Investor, with a rich history spanning more than a decade. His contributions to the domain include the creation of over twenty comprehensive trading courses on Options and Futures, alongside the development of proprietary trading indicators for platforms such as ThinkOrSwim and TradeStation. With an expertise in advanced options strategies, Mahesh’s insights have not only demystified complex trading concepts but have also provided a robust framework for trading excellence.

At the helm of OptionBigBull, Mahesh’s thought leadership extends beyond trading. Through the OptionBigBull Blog, he offers a deep dive into the nuances of options and futures trading, coupled with acute observations on current financial news and market sentiments. His guidance spans a spectrum of investment philosophies, from tactical short-term trading to strategic long-term investments, reflecting a commitment to fostering financial literacy and empowerment.

Mahesh’s academic credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, complemented by an MBA in Finance/International Business from the prestigious Coles College of Business, GA, USA. These qualifications not only underscore his technical acumen but also his strategic foresight in navigating the complex interplay of technology and finance.

At OptionBigBull, our mission is spearheaded by Mahesh’s unparalleled expertise and visionary outlook, committed to delivering cutting-edge financial education and trading tools that empower our community of traders and investors to achieve excellence in the dynamic world of finance.

My Story

As the founder of, my journey into the world of finance has been unconventional yet profoundly rewarding. Without the traditional apprenticeship at a trading desk or the hallmark experience at a major Wall Street firm, I embarked on a decade-long voyage through the financial markets, driven by an insatiable curiosity and an unyielding determination to master the art of trading in options and futures.

Holding an MBA in Finance laid the groundwork for my academic understanding of the financial world, yet it was the hands-on experience in the market that truly sculpted my trading acumen. The reality is that the essence of trading cannot be fully captured within the pages of textbooks or the fleeting content of online videos. It demands to be lived, through the highs and lows of market fluctuations and the rigorous test of strategy and intuition.

In the early days, my confidence often bordered on obstinance, a mindset that was quickly tempered by the market’s harsh lessons. It is through these experiences that I have honed my skills, learning from some of the most revered professionals in the field. Personal mentorship from options trading gurus such as Dan Sheridan & Guy Cohen has been instrumental in refining my approach and strategy.

Leveraging my background in Computer Science and my aptitude for programming, I have developed proprietary algorithm-based technical indicators designed for ThinkOrSwim and TradeStation platforms. These tools are versatile, applicable across various time frames and markets, embodying my commitment to innovation and efficiency in trading.

At the heart of my professional journey are two passions that fuel my drive: trading and teaching. The formation of has been a pivotal milestone, allowing me to merge these passions into a singular mission. It is my privilege and joy to share the wealth of knowledge and strategies I’ve accumulated over the years, offering guidance to those eager to navigate the complexities of the financial markets. My goal is to democratize trading education, making it accessible and comprehensible, thus empowering traders to achieve consistent success regardless of market conditions.

As we move forward, I am committed to fostering a community of informed, strategic, and resilient traders. Through, we invite you to embark on a journey of learning, growth, and financial empowerment.

Trade safe and prosper.