Here are some common questions about OptionBigbull.

Getting Started

Do you offer any FREE Courses?

Yes. We do offer FREE Courses. Also all of our paid Courses are RISK-FREE for 30 days. If for some reason you are not happy we will REFUND your money.

Do I need trading account to learn?

No. But It will be easy to learn if you can download TOS (ThinkorSwim) trading platform for Options Trading and Tradstation Platform for Futures trading and start with paper trading.

What is the initial investment for live trading?

You can start live trading with minimim of $500 using Robinhood or TD Ameritrade.

Who is the ideal user for the OptionBigBull Indicator® tool suite and service?

The OptionBigBull Indicator® tool suite caters to seasoned traders seeking advanced strategies beyond the basic “buy/sell now” advice typically provided by brokers, trading platforms, and other services. These traditional tools fall short in navigating the quick and intricate price fluctuations caused by the prevalent high-frequency trading (HFT) algorithms in current markets.

Created for traders who recognize the absence of a foolproof strategy that guarantees profits, OptionBigBull.com understands that market gains are essentially a transfer of wealth from one participant to another—nowadays, likely an HFT algorithm. Our platform offers our members exclusive access to a distinctive collection of trading tools designed to leverage the dynamics of HFT algorithm movements. Additionally, we provide essential, up-to-the-minute information through Weekly Webinars, Market Insights, and Weekly Market Reviews. This ongoing stream of vital data and insights is crucial for our members to develop a comprehensive understanding of various market factors, including the interplay between equity and debt markets, the connections between forex markets and gold, and the domestic and international consequences of economic and political developments. This knowledge is fundamental for successful trading in the modern, complex market landscape.

For those seeking a “push-button” solution requiring little effort or focus, our tools might not be the appropriate fit.


What software tools are included in the OptionBigBull® Indicator suite?

The SniperShark AI Indicator stands at the heart of our suite, employing advanced mathematical techniques to transform the swift and intricate price movements caused by institutional algorithmic trading into discernible, measurable “phases.” These phases form patterns that subscribers can leverage to pinpoint precise moments to enter or exit trades across any security, in any market, and within any timeframe, independent of the market’s overall direction.

Beyond the SniperShark AI Indicator, our suite is enhanced with four additional critical indicators:

NEMO@ NetPremium Indicator: This tool monitors the net movement of capital into and out of near-the-money options, both puts and calls, for any stock. It capitalizes on the predictive nature of option pricing ahead of movements in the underlying stock’s price, serving as a tailored leading indicator.

Smart Money Flow Indicator: This indicator analyzes and contrasts the performance of a stock, index, or ETF at varying times throughout the trading day, plotting the cumulative differences. It exploits research indicating that retail investors often make poor trading decisions in reaction to overnight news, such as panic selling or unwarranted buying, early in the trading day. In contrast, institutional investors typically wait for the market to stabilize, gathering and acting on comprehensive data towards the trading day’s close. Members can designate two specific periods — early and late in the day — for the indicator to assess market movements. Indications of strong buying potential are identified by initial selling followed by late purchasing, whereas signals for selling are indicated by early buying followed by late selling.

Custom RSI Indicator

Multi Time Frame Indicator –


Can I trade options and Forex using the indicators?

Yes, The OptionBigBull® Indicators can be applied to trading any ticker in any market.

What sets the OptionBigBull® indicators apart from other market indicators?

In the current landscape of financial markets, algorithmic trading systems play a crucial role by amplifying trends in their infancy before eventually damping them through excessive trading. The enduring trends visible on conventional stock charts are, in fact, the cumulative effect of these algorithmic actions. This mode of automated, tick-level trading is now predominant across all financial markets, frequently representing more than 90% of trading volume. Traditional market indicators are ill-equipped for this scenario. In contrast, the OptionBigBull® suite of charting tools stands out by being specifically engineered to identify and adapt to the nuances of algorithmic trading behaviors.

At the heart of this suite lies the SniperShark AI Indicator, tailor-made to dissect and leverage the rapid-fire nature of algorithmic trades. This indicator breaks down a standard price chart into hundreds of mini-charts, each analyzed for its statistical relevance. These are then reconstructed through a mathematical model to better align with the actual data flow.

A distinctive variant, the “PEAK phase” of SniperShark AI Indicator, showcases the model’s output in a manner akin to a conventional price chart. However, it offers a clearer depiction of market movements by aligning peaks and troughs that would otherwise seem disparate on a standard chart. This capability enables our users to more accurately forecast the commencement and conclusion of market rallies and corrections.

Enhancing the OptionBigBull® indicators’ precision is the integration of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. This innovation dynamically adjusts the indicators to fluctuations in market volatility, providing unambiguous signals at the culmination of significant and enduring trends. Such signals are vital for traders aiming to capitalize on the inception or reversal of a trend, marking a significant advancement in trading technology.


How long is the access for Courses and Products

All of our Courses and Products have LIFETIME access.

What is included in my monthly subscription?

The monthly subscription includes access to the following components of the service for one month:

The OptionBigBull® Indicator tool suite
Live Weekly Webinars
Weekly Market Reviews
Market Insights
Full Reference Document library .

Who may join our Monthly service?

Access to our service and the OptionBigBull Indicator® tool suite and services are exclusively for private traders using the tools and information for their personal trading objectives. Professional traders, brokers, dealers, or those involved in the securities industry can gain access only if they confirm they will use the Services strictly for their personal investment endeavors, not for professional or business purposes. Specifically, if you belong to the professional realm of the securities industry, you must affirm and ensure: (i) your adherence to and fulfillment of all qualification criteria set by the NYSE, NYSE MKT LLC (formerly AMEX), NASDAQ, and any Data Providers as a Non-professional Subscriber; (ii) your intent to use the Services solely for your personal investment activities, completely separate from any professional trade or business operations; and (iii) your status as a knowledgeable investor, capable of understanding and managing the risks associated with the market..


How much money I need to get started?

We offer core FREE courses to get started so initial investment to learn is ZERO.

How do I go about making payment?

We accept PayPal payment.


If I don't like my course or products , can I get a refund?

Yes. All of our courses and products are 100% RISK FREE and we will refund in 30 days if you are not happy.

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