The $SPX hit new highs this week, surpassing 2024 levels. While the all-time highs were in January 2022 at 4818 (intraday) and 4796 (closing), recent numbers hover close. A two-day close above 4800 could signal the next bull market leg. Support at 4700 and stronger at 4600 exists, with a critical level at 4550. Closing below may hint at a bearish scenario. Equity-only put-call ratios rising indicate a bearish signal, affirmed by analysis programs. Breadth oscillators, echoing negative breadth, are on sell signals. Despite a low $VIX being bullish, attention remains on its trend. A “core” bullish position is held, with cautious trading around confirmed signals. 📈 #StockMarket #SPX #TradingSignals

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