The stock market has been fluctuating between minor support and resistance levels this week, creating a wider trading range. The market is awaiting a breakout in either direction. The double resistance on the upside is at 4100, where the market previously topped out twice in December. On the downside, support is in the 3760-3800 area, where the market bottomed in late December. The indicators are bullish, but the market has not been able to break out, which is a sign of caution. A breakout above 4100 and maintaining bullish indicators would signal the end of the bear market. The market is currently near the downtrend line and the 200-day Moving Average of the SPX, which both stand at around 4000. The equity-only put-call ratios, total put-call ratio, and breadth are all bullish, with buy signals in place. The NYSE new 52-week highs are also strong. The VIX has declined slightly with the SPX rally, but it appears to be reluctant to decline further and is still being bought by those who see worries ahead for the market. The next VIX expiration dates are on various dates in 2023 and 2024.

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