When it comes to Tesla, there is always plenty of the random volatility and the brainchild behind all this is Elon Musk (CEO of TSLA) and his (sometimes entertaining) tactics.

There has been talk about creating a “wealth tax” on unrealized capital gains for very wealthy individuals — like billionaires. That means they’d pay taxes on money they effectively don’t have. The logic here is that tax program can generate far more revenue for various spending programs the govt wants to spend for exmaple $1 trillion infrastructure bills. Some billionaires are in favor of this, but Elon seems like not in favor.

On Saturday 11/6/2021, Elon created a Twitter poll that said the following:

The funny thing is that “Yes” got the bulk vote and this caused the classic dump for Tesla stock and still crashing (at the time of writing this blog) as retail investors trying to get out before Elon’s big potential sale if at all happens.

I shorted TSLA yesterday using bear call spread and got out today for quick profit.

To learn more about options click following link:


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